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SETU concludes purchase of the former Waterford Crystal Site

Formal contract signing to take place at an event in the coming weeks

Waterford Fine Gael Senator John Cummins has warmly welcomed the confirmation by his party colleague Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris that he has approved the purchase of 20.3 acres of the former Waterford Crystal site on the Cork Road.

Senator Cummins said “I am absolutely delighted to finally have this strategically placed site purchase concluded and I understand that a formal signing of the contracts is being organised by SETU in the coming weeks. However, the important message from today is that following due diligence, formal approval has been given for the purchase price which was reached earlier this year with the vendor Mr. Noel Frisby. This is a great day for SETU and I would like to commend all those who have worked on this project, particularly over the last twelve months”.

“I want to thank Mr. Frisby for his willingness to engage in the process and reach agreement with SETU for the benefit of Waterford and the entire region. I know that SETU President Veronica Campbell, Mr. Frisby and the Irish Strategic Investment Fund have very ambitious plans for a University Innovation & Enterprise Quarter which they are looking forward to setting that out in more detail at the formal signing of contracts.

Senator Cummins views the portion of the site remaining in private ownership as a potentially important opportunity. “The fact that a portion of the site is remaining in private ownership will give the flexibility to be able to deliver building solutions in a way that may not be possible on state-owned land and this could prove very useful in creating that mix of industry, education and research.

He added “While some continually attempt to talk down our new university which is less than 18 months in existence, I believe this narrative does a great disservice to the excellent leadership team, researchers, lecturers, students and the wider SETU community who are working hard day in day out to develop and grow our new university in Waterford and across the South East region”.

Senator Cummins concluded by saying “I have said it time and again, those that dismiss the importance of this acquisition are completely missing the importance of this site from both a practical and symbolic perspective. I firmly believe this site acquisition future proofs the growth of the new university in Waterford City and that over time it will regenerate a strategically located brownfield site which once employed thousands of people and repurpose it to educate and accommodate the next generation of young workers and industry.


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