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Social Housing

What is it?

Social Housing is a term used to describe housing which is built and managed by Local authorities and Approved Housing Bodies. It is primarily for people who cannot afford to buy a home or rent accommodation privately.


Who is eligible?

To be eligible for social housing your income must be below a certain threshold and you must demonstrate you do not have suitable alternative accommodation. The maximum net income (after tax) for a single person in Waterford is now €35,000. This limit is increased if there are other members of the household by +5% per additional adult (max
10%) and +2.5% per child – for example the maximum net income for 2 adults and 2 children in Waterford is now €38,500.


How are they allocated?

Waterford City and County Council operate a Choice Based Letting system where properties are advertised online each week. Eligible applicants are invited to express an interest in a property and generally the property is allocated to the household who are longest on the list who bid on a given property. Therefore, if you do not express an interest in the property you will not be considered for it. If you express an interest and are allocated the property but subsequently refuse it, you will be suspended from the CBL system for a period of 12 months.

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