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New Cardiac Cath Lab will have full Interventional Capabilities

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Waterford Fine Gael Senator John Cummins has confirmed that the new 2nd permanent Cath Lab to be constructed at UHW will have both interventional and diagnostic capabilities, which is contrary to reports which have circulated recently from campaign groups.

Campaign groups had hit out at the government following a Parliamentary Question which stated that the “preferred option for the development of the second Cath Laboratory at UHW is for the lab on the roof of the existing Cardiology Department, which will operate five days a week and provide diagnostic services only”. This was interpreted by some as meaning that the new lab would only have diagnostic capabilities.

However, responding to Senator Cummins today (8/2/2021), the CEO of the South South-West hospital group, Mr. Gerry O’Dwyer confirmed “I have received confirmation from HSE Estates that the equipment for the 2nd Cath Lab will be the same equipment recently installed in the newly upgraded existing Cath Lab and will have full interventional capabilities”. He went on to add “We will forward a copy of the Purchase Order to you once the order for the equipment for the 2nd Cath Lab has been placed”.

Senator Cummins “I wrote to Mr. O’Dwyer on the 14th January following meetings in September and November where this matter was discussed and I followed up on my correspondence last week. I am very satisfied with the response which I received today. While the second permanent lab will likely carry out planned work involving diagnostics, it is vitally important it has interventional capabilities in order to address the single point of failure concerns and to enable planned work to proceed in an efficient manner”

He concluded by saying “I fully understand the sensitivities involved in the provision of this life saving infrastructure. Hospital management has confirmed that the service will move to an 8-8, 7 day a week service shortly but obviously the goal of every Oireachtas member in Waterford is to have a full 24/7 cardiac service, however that cannot be achieved without two fully operational interventional labs. That is why this confirmation today is so welcome and the expected commencement of works this quarter cannot come quick enough”.

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